Robust security

In a world of constantly changing web standards and increasingly resourceful attackers finding new ways to hack sites, our focus on security means that your applications stay protected. Universal Theme provides the components / building blocks necessary the registration to build practically any type of business application UI. To ensure that no data is lost when multiple end users work on the same data, optimistic locking is used to prevent any overwrites of data that was edited by another user at the same time.

  • Execution environments deliver a consistent container-like experience for building and scaling automation, with new tooling included to help build and manage them.
  • You can manage and catalog your content via a simple user-friendly interface.
  • Delegate resources and make automation available at a faster pace to the appropriate teams—all while applying appropriate policy and governance.
  • You can easily edit your data using text, numerical columns, date pickers, list of values, and much more.

All of these features are integral to engaging your remote audience in unique and exciting ways. Execution environment builder – One of the tools provided to make developing playbooks easier is ansible-builder. This tool helps automation developers and administrators create automation execution environments by using the dependency Forex information defined in Ansible Content Collections and as defined by the user. Automation hub is the automation execution environment container image repository for Ansible Automation Platform. Private, locally hosted automation hub is intended for customers running Ansible Automation Platform on physical or virtual machines.

Robust security

With a single switch, you can turn any APEX app into a Progressive Web App and take advantage of advanced caching and improved performance. The charts provide dozens of different ways to visualize a data set, including bar, line, area, range, combination, scatter, bubble, polar, pyramid, radar, pie, donut, funnel, dial gauge, stock and Gantt charts. These charts are fully HTML5 capable and work on any modern browser, regardless of platform, screen size, or features. With Interactive Grids, you can now easily render master-detail-detail relationships that can be n-levels deep or across. Interactive Grid includes all the features you expect for powerful reporting, including fixed headers, frozen columns, scroll pagination, multiple filters, sorting, aggregates, and more. All of the filtering and computations happen directly in the database, closest to the data. You don’t need to apply these customizations and filters every time – simply save the report and all of your customizations will be remembered for your next visit.

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When you reach out for assistance on the Maropost email marketing platform, you get a live person, not a chatbot. With more than 30 years of customer success experience, our support team profile verified offers white-glove treatment to every customer on every call. SCOOCS is an online events platform where you can easily create and manage engaging and immersive online event experiences.

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With some working knowledge of APEX, you can use Universal Theme to easily build a responsive application that is highly accessible, easily customizable, and easy to maintain. Platforms are often a more accessible alternative to investing in a suite of products. Not only do platforms make data more readily available throughout your company, but they also enable non-developers to create and maintain advanced, interconnected ecosystems of tools. Execution environment builder – The execution environment builder is a command line tool (ansible-builder) which uses podman to build Ansible environments inside containers.

By standardizing how automation is initiated, delegated, audited, and deployed, Ansible Automation Platform allows enterprises to automate with confidence and reduce automation sprawl and variance across the enterprise. Automation architects elevate automation across teams to align with IT processes and streamline adoption. Automation execution environments provide a standard way to develop and deliver automation in your organization. This decreases the complexity of your automation efforts and prevents drift between development and production.

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