Virtual Onboarding Ideas to Welcome New Employees in 2022

Discuss their Path of Progression-A well-defined path of progression increases employee retention. Discuss the appraisal cycle and growth opportunities your organization offers to nudge remote employees into the right direction and be more focused.

Another onboarding best practices 2022 is checking in on your new hires. And they have no one by their side to ask questions when they have some. Ensure your new team member has the remote tools they need to work effectively at home – things like a computer, second monitor, charging cable, HDMI cable, mouse and keyboard, etc. Have these items sent to their home prior to their first day so they can kick off day one on the right foot. IT Hardware –Send their laptops, mouse, and headsets before their first day of onboarding. Ensure that you set up the required software and tools in the laptops beforehand to avoid any hassle.

Remote team welcome lunch

This sets them in the right direction and helps them contribute meaningfully to the company’s growth. You can start this process by assigning a mentor to new remote employees on your team. This way, they’ll have a confidante to turn to whenever they’re feeling nervous or apprehensive.

Best Remote Onboarding Practices to Adopt

The remote setup doesn’t offer employees the opportunity to organically integrate with your work culture. That’s precisely why remote onboarding has to be carefully executed for long-term employee happiness and success. A smooth remote onboarding builds a rock-solid foundation for new employees by giving a clear picture of what the company expects from them and what they can expect in return.

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During this period, your ultimate aim must be to make new hires feel comfortable. Remote employee Onboarding needs frequent check-ins so that your new hires remote onboarding best practices don’t feel left alone. In this blog, we will discuss the remote employee Onboarding best practices that you can follow to effectively onboard new hires.

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