The importance of studying the past and its influence on our current world.

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To enable us to offer you a an enhanced and better-tailored experience, please select "OK" MarketWatch News Department MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the development the content. How history has shaped Our World Today. The importance of studying the past and its influence on our current world. European society and culture from 1914. Our understanding of the past has shaped the moment. "If it’s functional the way it should, it’s not obsolete." It was first reported in the year 1950 or so The saying perfectly captured that period’s sense of the rapid pace at the rate at which technology was changing. But what is it that causes it to affect our present?

It’s obvious: the events that took place in the past have influenced the future events either in either a positive or negative manner. Yet, the same rapid evolution has been an integral part of the daily routine of our lives since 1914 and has never been more evident more than Europe. Even our current developments will alter and influence your future, in every kind of manner.

Photographs from 1914 showcase the appearance of the period, which is becoming more old-fashioned: statesmen wearing Top hats and frock coats as well as early automobiles that meet their modern description as "horseless carriages" as well as Biplane "flying vehicles" with cockpits that were open as well as long, extravagant bathing attire. Why is it important to study in school and on TV? The 20th century’s early years and its emergence is celebrated in companies such as the New Century Library, pocket editions of classics, recently deprived of copyright–is seen in these photos increasingly like a mere continuation the previous century. In the realm of history, we are able to are taught from the primary or secondary source on what happened back in the day , whether from someone who was alive in the year, or from an author of a work on historical topics. The 19th century had itself seen the conclusion of the Industrial Revolution that had begun in the 18entury, however the revolution brought on by steam power steel, machine-made fabrics and railway communications was just the beginning. While reading diaries, articles, books and letters that are related to anything to do with the past We learn the reason why this was happening and that our present moment and the events that we experience today stem from history.

Even more dramatic and speedy transformations were brought about by advances in science and technology, including the invention of electricity, telegraphy, and the television cheap and radio subatomic physics and subatomic physics. There are many important historical events that are an excellent example of how history continues to influence our lives. Oil and petrochemicals. The moment the Declaration of Independence, America made it a law to enjoy our independence. Plastics, Jet engines, computer, bioengineering and telematics. What that experience has shaped the present day is that we’re not under the control of any other nation however, America is its own sovereign administration that is responsible for its law and the control of it is under the presidency of the United States. The growth of technology, specifically it would not be possible without a better-trained and educated workforce.

In the Westward Expansion in the 19th century, it transformed the West when people moved there. In the majority of European countries in this period it was possible to extend education to more people as well as to older people and the number of students entering higher education grew dramatically. As they traveled west, they had to hunt or trade and also grow food and provisions to remain alive. Women started to gain access to more of the opportunities that were previously only available to males.

When they went West they were confronted with numerous difficulties and their worlds were changing around them.

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